sâmbătă, 6 februarie 2010

prezentarea in engleza a obiectivelor APEC

APEC is a non-profit making association founded in 2008. APEC constitutes an initiative of University, Enterprise and Social actors Training Partnership promoting Professional Training, Transfer of Technology and Regional Development in the frames of the European Community.

APEC operates as a Social player in collaboration with Local and Regional Government authorities in the following areas:

· Regional development

· Vocational Education and Training

· IT Applications and Consultancy on IT issues

· Transfer of Innovation

· Social Cohesion
· Inter-regional co-operation

· Intercultural society

· Research

APEC gives particular attention to design, planning and implementation of tailor-made training courses on various technical, management or pedagogical topics. It organises and implements programs of initial and continuous non-formal vocational training, in-company training, distance learning education and other related activities.

APEC relies on the membership of various significant SME’s of the Roumanian regions, as well as on the participation of Academic institutions, local and regional authorities, and other social partners from Greece. Its members share long - term technological goals and closely co-ordinate their activities for research, training and information dissemination in order to reach the above objectives.

APEC has also a long experience in EU funded projects throughout which we have had the chance to work with different target groups (unemployed women, pupils, young students, university graduates, teacher, trainers, guidance counselors, mentors, professionals, people with mental or physical disabilities). Furthermore, through the long presence of APEC in the EU, we have developed a network with significant partners all across the Europe and we will be able to actively contribute to the dissemination activities of the project results.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and I remain at your disposal for any further information.
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